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3 Brothers Buffing Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Wood floors can last generations, but the finish on them will not. Therefore we offer several options for your hardwood flooring needs. Keeping your hardwood surface as clean as possible will help with the shine on your floors. Mats at all entrances, dust mopping and keeping as little moisture as possible on them will keep them looking great.

When they are in need of service...first you need to decide which kind..we offer a light steam clean with a restorative shine for lightly worn floors. (Fully refinishing a hardwood floor involves sanding it down to bear wood, re-staining and/or re-glossing it. This should only be done a few times in your floors lifetime therefore) We also offer screening; this is a sanding alternative that removes only the gloss. Then a new layer of gloss is replaced. For hardwood floors with deep scratches or stains we then offer sanding, re-staining and /or re-gloss. If you do not know which of our services your hardwood floor needs we gladly give free estimates.

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